Black and white: from shooting to printing

Intensive workshop – basic level

This workshop is open to all those photographers and beginners who desire to approach to the darkroom, film developing and black and white printing; the aim of the workshop is to explore at entry level the whole workflow from the shot to the final print and its components and materials, to obtain primary level skills in b/w film photography.

Given its basic level, the workshop is open to individuals who have no previous experience in the darkroom. The workshop includes a guided shooting session; use of a film camera is hence required.


Black and white: advanced printing

Intensive workshop – advanced level

This workshop is open to all those who aim to deepen traditional black and white printing techniques and already own primary level film developing and b/w printing skills; the program includes a full immersion during which participants will deal with photographic printing on resin coated and fiber based variable contrast through the analysis of negatives and application of sectorial masking and burning techniques, either related to tone and contrast. Throughout the guided printing sessions participants will be guided to the negative and print analysis, aiming to identify the emerging questions and answers. Some post processing treatments like selenium toning and print spotting.

Since no shooting sessions are provided, participants must take along their negatives to print; Sali d’Argento darkroom is equipped to print from 35mm to 4×5 format negatives.

Non essendo previste sessioni guidate di ripresa, i partecipanti dovranno portare con sé i negativi che intenderanno stampare; la camera oscura di Sali d’Argento è attrezzata per stampare formati dal 35mm al 4×5.


Large format photography

Intensive workshop – Introduction to field and view cameras

This workshop is open to all those photographers who want to approach large format photography, giving a complete overview from an introduction to view cameras, to the production of contact prints; the program provides a full immersion workshop during which attendants will be addressed to the analysis of large-format cameras, film sheets loading and large format shooting techniques, in addition to technical elements of exposure metering with the zone system.
The workshop includes darkroom sessions where attendants will develop their film sheets and produce contact prints on fiber base paper.

A good general knowledge of photographic techniques is required, mostly referring to exposure metering. A Toyo 45 A large format field camera will be available during the workshop, to give each attendee the opportunity of a complete shooting session.


From the photographic essay to the artist’s photo book

Intensive workshop

The Artist’s Book is an handicraft book created and shaped by the artist himself at every stage, from design to construction: a feature that makes it unique is the need to touch it, manipulate it, perceiving it through all 5 senses to enjoy it completely and understand its meaningfulness; its essence is in uniqueness. Every technical and expressive choice therefore has a unique communicative function expressed through an endless types of materials and shapes.

The artist’s picture book therefore, it is not a mere thematic selection of images but expands the meaning and transcends the boundaries of photography itself, highlighting the idea represented by individual images in a context that makes its strength through sign, bending, layout and hand making.


The experience of territory: a personal journey

From shooting to printing, from editing to design and structure the book itself, during the workshop participants will be accompanied by Gaetano Di Filippo, Dario Coletti and Gaetano De Crecchio throughout an amazing and imaginative journey that will lead them to the production of a unique and personal object. The workshop involves three teachers to allow students to explore the three basic stages of creating a story intended for books.

During the three days, participants will challenge themselves with the project of a short story in images in a context seemingly insignificant but rich in characters, environments, history and memory: the surrounding area – the trees, the water, the plants – an ancient via crucis, memories of historic and protohistoric settlements, as well as the daily life of a mountain village, will be the subjects on which participants will build a surface map through the storytelling.

The workshop will proceed through some essential steps where – in a complex and interconnected system of analysis, both theoretical and practical – many aspects of photographic image will be debated, from shooting, to post production, from editing of the story,  to the logic that underlies and animates the idea of an artist’s book; how to make it starting from a simple sheet of paper; how to manage a layout with photographs, writings and small items.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will be able to bring back a real object: an incipit, a “trail” to keep on following.


Travel diaries

An experience between photography and creative writing

A journey through writing and photography to discover how each travel experience can be turned into a fascinating diary to describe the world from a uniqueperspective.