Sali d’Argento is a place for permanent education and training on photography through courses, workshops, exhibitions, events and artist in residencies, in order to offer to participants the opportunity to immerse themselves for several days in a unique experience: a full immersion focused from time to time, on traditional chemical photographic process, darkroom experiments, visual storytelling and documentary photography, photographic portfolio and handmade photo book, but widely open to contamination to other visual arts instances.

It’s been built up little by little, first recovering an entire unused house, then some old photo and darkroom equipment, to create, in a small village of more or less 700 people, located in the southern mountain ranges of the National Park of Abruzzo, a place committed to photography.

Facilities feature a huge darkroom, some working spaces and a diffuse guesthouse, to keep alive the “common area” beyond the time of training and learning.

Participants will get here the opportunity to enjoy, at different times of the year, the concentration of the fall and winter silence, the exuberant light of spring, or the sharp sunny summer time. Events and workshops will take place throughout the year and subjects and contents will be carefully chosen and will always be conducted with the utmost professionalism from seriously skilled photographers and teachers.

Hoping that this multilateral dialogue could grow and extend into ever wider circles.