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It’s late afternoon when four students of mine arrive at Isernia rail station; it’s raining but, as a sun ray appears, a full rainbow crosses the dark grey sky, a good premonition for our workshop!

I decided to lead them traveling through the Sangro river valley, to explore in the landscape signs of nature and man. I know we’ll meet along the way a lot of food for thoughts, from mountain landscape, to archaeological sites, from motorway and rail structures to an original seaside; elements that, both with the idea of traveling the territory itself, will guide each one of them in trying to develop a personal approach to the storytelling, although in a short time, keeping as a red line the river itself.

Each one of them has its own character: dreamer, concrete, exuberant or intimate, each one of them own a personal language even if to be more or less developed. Our workshop reflected this circumstance and after two days of hard work and good genuine food and wine, laughs and talks on photography but not only, here are the results.

Thanks to Francesca, Ilaria, Laura and Valentina.

(Images are subject to copyright of the authors).

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